Saturday, 29 October 2011

Chop chop!!

This is a chuleton - a chop - it is big. The wine is not a big as it looks though it is just nearer the camera - promise! Maybe you can believe Les has put on weight. However the day after he asked me if we could afford a rowing machine for Christmas ("NO!") he found a good exercise bike out at the bins. God is clearly more generous than Santa!

Busy, busy , busy

Sorry we have been quiet this month - it has been all go! We both managed to pass our exams, thanks in part to our neighbours who prayed for us. One of the down sides to passing an exam is you attempt to speak more Spanish when you really shoudn't! Howlers this month include " We used to live near the ice cream. " (North Pole)  Said Les at Church. "Personally, I don't like sex." (The Saxophone) Said Fiona in class - although to be fair she was merely mis-heard (el sexo - el saxo easily done). This was the day after telling a Columbian worker that she too was a mercenary (missionario).  And we wonder why we get funny looks. Conversation groups are going great though - thank goodness we can safely speak in English!

Friday, 7 October 2011

Students are revolting!

Outside the students are revolting and creating quite a bit of noise - they have been on strike all day about the cutbacks on teachers - who were on strike the last two days, not much work happening in high school this week, as firemen arrived I hurried home!
Inside our school however it is work as usual and the concern is more for the exam on Friday - if we don't pass we have to go back and pay another month's fees to repeat. This class has 4 Turks, 4 Germans, 1 Indonesian, 1 Chinese 1 Pole, 1 Italian and 1 Orcadian - the other is a Swede - handy for clapshot!

Monday, 3 October 2011

40,000 injections later...

Did a big sum this morning, think I have had over 40,000 injections since I first started on  insulin in 1981 - 30 years ago today. If I keep this up for another 20 years I get a medal. They won't care if I have missed a few. I am not complaining  - I am ALIVE and I wouldn't be here without the work of Banting, Best Macleod and another Orcadian scientist who retired just before they announced the Nobel Prize for Insulin. Anyway I am happy to have insulin available until they can do the islets transplants (which have already cured one lady in Scotland) - just think,  if it becomes available before 2031 I won't get my medal, but then if I am sorted before then I can have a chocolate one instead - every cloud has a silver lining! No picture - sorry!