Sunday, 15 December 2013

Sorry we just blogged off...

Our apologies - it has been a furiously busy two months - no time to post news as we were too busy making it happen. However all the pigs are now flying and we too will fly home this week to see our boys and then my Mum.

Teaching English has been busier than we thought - in this first 4 months the academy has grown from 2 kids and 3 adults to 16 kids and over a dozen adults. It is good for the business but also for us. We get our health care costs met and we make lots of new friends. We had a party on Friday night and had a great laugh with Christmas party games and singing.

The Spaniards did us proud sampling the mulled wine, mince pies and Christmas cake. One of them invited me to try something Spanish, and it turned out to be dog biscuits, hope my coat is shiny  and my nose wet.

Mind you after spending last week in hospital I should be in the peak of health!