Friday, 16 December 2011

Some sums

So our last day in Madrid, with no more classes and no commitments we go a visit to the Feria de Madrid where they just happen to have an exhibition of superdeportivos (super sports cars). Good news is that we both chose a white model (so far so good). Mine was the Pagani Zonda F - 10th fastest ever on Top Gear with a nice pink undercarriage and wing mirrors. However Les chose the Aston Vantage S - not so nippy but you could 5 of them for the price of the Zonda. Good point Les, but I only need ONE car. Wonder how it drives in the snow? At least I could find the Zonda in a blizzard!

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Recent break ins...

Add mushrooms and wine...

 There are other reasons why we enjoyed our visit up North so much, two of them being local cheap produce: in the case of the mushrooms - free and in the "case" of the 16 litre box of wine from the local co-operative almost free!

Oh, yes another reason was the resident cook & general factotum at Adulam- Marcileno from Gran Canaria.

Now tell me you guys, who wants to volunteer for a bit of buiding work - the food is fantastic!

Thursday, 8 December 2011

This is it!!

So far so good. We have just visited the seaside town of Ribadeo - about as close to Orkney as you can get! It felt just right to us, and we felt at home immediately. Turns out we have been looking at the harbour scene all year on the cover of the book Ronnie gave Les for Christmas - we just didn't know it was Ribadeo. We loved the beach, the town even the Octopus (big ones and peedie ones we ate them all!) We really hope we are right to feel to drawn to this area as they need an evangelical church. We met a YWAM couple who have just moved to the town and we would love to join them - roll on 2013! Now see the final picture of the cathedral cave... my wings are glowing but what about Jaap's head? Either he has angelic qualities too or his mobile phone needs a service!