Sunday, 14 July 2013

Nappy Cake

So another cake. In Madrid this is the present to give a baby. A wedding cake shape made out of nappies - every baby shower has one. When I went to buy the celophane paper I asked the florist if they made nappy cakes in Orkney. She gave me a funny look and said a few might still do that but they werent in fashion any more. Oh well, I was obviously out of touch. I made it anyway and took it to the Maternity Unit. The midwives squealed and said it was the only thing they had ever seen like it and wanted me to tell them how to make one. Baby James didn't seem as excited but never mind. To solve the question of the florist, it seems she thought I was asking about "nappy cakes" being what is known as a Clooty Dumpling. Right enough you could make one in a nappy (Or boxers, eh Mag?).

Thursday, 11 July 2013

100 - not out!

Every cake tells a story and this one celebrates 100 years of God's faithfullness to WEC International, our mission. The event was a celebration supper (our 3rd in Scotland) and we were so pleased to have all the deacons from our sending church along with other supporters and people who had a story to tell about WEC in their lives. As Auntie Chrisabel said "What a happy night!"

Ready to Roll

So after three weeks of scraping, sanding, painting and provisioning Blithe Spirit is ready for off.
God Bless this boat, and all who sail in her!