Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Ceilidh in Cuenca

What a great day in Cuenca with Granny Nan. We went (as usual) for a quiet visit to a historic village. As per usual we arrive and notice men with ladders putting up garlands and bunting for the town fiesta. As every normal cafe was shut we ended up having to eat in the Parador - what a yummy problem, partridges included. (Sean felizes y comieron perdices). After a rather noisy procession of 800 different coloured T shirts, some on - some off, and brass bands, they brought in the bulls to charge at drunk people and hopefully to clear the street. After all of the above they let the Orcadian entertain with an impromptu ceildh! What fun.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Round the walls of Cuéllar

We really enjoyed a wee dander round the walls of Cuéllar on Friday. We had gone to visit our friend Dani who was at home in the pueblo for the summer. The best thing was the walls which were huge and cheap - actually for me much better than Avila.  Being too short to see over them I had the delight of waiting for all these wee keyhole windows for a view. Pylons..famous Pine Forest..Church Tower... When I got to the end of the wall and climbed up and old lady told me the names of all the Church spires in her pueblo - 8 in total! Wouldn't want to be there when all the bells ring at once.