Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Who saw Secret Sam?

Les and his English students were talking today about childhood toys, this lead on to reminiscences (spell that you level B2 students!)  about his favoutite toy - the Secret Sam set - nearly as good as his friend's Johhny 7's rocket propelled grenade launcher, but sadly not quite. Time to write to Santa we think!

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Let's hear it for the girls!

A good weekend with my girlies. Above the cream of China and below the cream of Stirlingshire. Apart from the size of the glasses, the difference in the two photos is that if you total the ages in the top you get 105 and if you total the bottom one I think you get 205.

Lovely having them here to stay, long night time chats, catching up and making plans. Leswas very patient and catered to our needs for food. Should we make him an honorary girl? I think not!
Good times lasses!

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Dia de Hispanidad

 The holiday weekend began with Dia de Hispanidad - celebrated in all the Spanish speaking world. We were in town with friends and went into the Naval Museum to escape the rain! Turned out it was a good place for a day when they celebrated the day of the dicovery of America on this day in 1492. The picture (right) is perhaps a bit romanticised. No mention of the other explorers who clearly discovered  the new world before them.

The rest of the art work was a bit keener on picture of ships with the Red Ensign being blasted by the invincible Armada! Nobody here likes El Pirata Drake.  The pirate Frances Drake.  Not a mention of the Armada's visit to Orkney!!

However a great museum and well worth a visit - free !

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

A marriage - Made in China


Sunday's wedding ay have been a marriage made in China but the celebrations were definitely made in Madrid. We, as a church had one hour to et everything ready before the guests and bridal party appeared. The cake was so heavy that Les had to carry the box on his head on the way to the Metro - I was laughing so much I was little help and quite unable to get the camera out. The church make a great team the food was assembled, candles lit, carpet laid, and then here comes the bride - what a stunner! We loved the wedding but also the changes in our friends' lives. A year ago they were not believers and so what a year this has been for them both.