Sunday, 25 March 2018

Trek, Tech and Travel...

I know I blogged a few years ago about my dream life without luggage. I actually love luggage especially in the Trek and Travel shop we have here in town.  For the meantime though I just don't want to travel anywhere. I want all my socks to be in the same country. My country. Bless Les he went and packed all our worldy good into 16 suitcases and several crates. Sorted, they will be home next month.  I was unfit to fly due to fluid in my chest cavity. This meant travelling to Aberdeen by ferry (9 hours in a force 9) so for the next visit they kindly sent an air abulance to collect me and fly at sea level so the cabin pressure caused no damage.
So Les boxes up our life and I bottle up the fluid each morning, hopefully in the month it will takes for our stuff to come home the production will have reduced and the bottles we unpack will be of Spanish wine, gifted by friends. Blisséd bottles!

Friday, 2 February 2018

Putting you in the picture.

This week has been like no other when looking at the big picture.  And talking of pictures this print of La Jument lighthouse in France is my first ever purchase from an art exhibition, beautifully framed and collected this afternoon. It seemed to portray exactly how we felt when the waves of life threaten to swamp life as we know it. And yet, like the keeper stood watching in the doorway, there has been calm. I am reminded of the verse in Proverbs 18:10 "The name of the Lord is a strong tower the righteous run to it and are safe." I am also reminded of the many friends (here and in Spain) who are praying for us and that too accounts for the sense of peace we feel.
It started when we lost a dear friend suddenly and her teenage kids phoned to tell us, it continued when we hit a patch of unseen slush on a dry road and adjusted some fenceposts meaning our car was written off and then finallly the news that the cancer from 2015 was still circulating. This time the chemotherapy is to make things bearable rather than aiming to cure the condition and so we have had to bring forward our plans to leave Spain and return to Orkney. We have much to be thankful for with family support, good friends and fantastic medical care. All we need now is a bigger boot. I was delighted when the old MX5 emerged from storage and passed it's MOT this afternoon but the boot is only big enough for my hospital bag, and my lovely new picture!

Sunday, 14 January 2018

In the deep South (Ronaldsay)

Sunrise in South Ronaldsay, a picture taken from our bed... We were again looking after the lovely farmhouse of friends Mike & Rosey who were away with the family while we were home with the family. The chickens were fed and watered and, for my part, the cat was tolerated. Having found a dead otter on the road late on Christmas Eve, Donald wanted to run back with Andrew in the daylight to see if it was still there. A beautiful huge male otter with no marks but dead as could be. It took 7 miles there and back so in play it forward style both boys were then able to put away a huge breakfast, and an enormous dinner which they made as we slumbered on the bed with the view.
Where do they get this energy to run before breakfast? It nust be the gold coins,

Thursday, 7 December 2017


Greetings from grateful Galicians. This is the season where we all give thanks for harvest in our various cultures. Here the event centres on chestnuts which was a subsistance crop even before the potato arrived. This year potatoes have been forbidden fruits as an imported moth from Guatemala attacked the crops and prevented any tatties being set this year. As usual we opened the building to host our own magosto and we had 44 people join in with songs, poems and rhymes about Chestnuts in 3 lanuguages, then we read Mark 4 in 9 languages, including the orginal Greek, Orcadian and Old Scots. The ladies from Reposteria made excellent cakes and José Antonio,  the Co-Pastor of Lugo shared a word. Two days later we opened the church oven and found an untouched tray of chestnuts!


It has been a really dry year. We noticed as we drove back from Madrid the other Sunday night that the reservoir we pass over was empty. There is usually a sailing club on the water with lots of boats. now even the launching slip is 70 feet above the water level and the long buried villages and trees are visible. One or two of the trees have even sprouted. These are the lowest levels for sixty years. Anyway on the Monday following when we went out to pray for our town (as we always) do I decided to pray for rain. Not popular with the ladies who do laundry on Monday but when I got back home..

Sunday, 22 October 2017

66 Clickety click

Well after that last post, go forward four days and you might notice that it would have been 166 days til we leave Spain. I noticed anyway when I crossed the day off! 20 minutes later I discovered that the number of views of our blog was 25, 666, what was going on here? As I parked the car I smiled at the van behind me with his registration plate (shown below). Fast forward to that evening when I told a friend who certainly topped my story. She was born on the 6th June 1966 so her d.o.b. is 6/6/66 and yes she was born at 6 minutes past 6am. And her weight was 6lbs 6oz. I must admit I checked her forehead for a mark but she is perfectly normal, phew!

Monday, 16 October 2017

170 beds down 170 sleeps to go!!

Good morning, as we look outside it is hard to believe it is morning as black smoke circles around Galicia where of the 100 forest fires burning today, 60 are already of of control. However, in other news,  we spent last night in a gorgeous wee retreat in the Ribeira Sacra. This was part of a prize for a short story competition and the prizegiving was in Pantón last night followed by the overnight stay in the Casa Campaciñas.
We had a great time, roasted chestnuts by the open fire (picked up from the road outside the cottage) enjoyed some champagne donated by Ray and Lesley and played a game of cards known to us as "Old Codger"  Then bedtime in the most comfortable bed ever with a great view of the riverbank and the mountains. This was bed number 170 since we start counting different beds and today we have 170 more sleeps before we leave Spain. Unless, that is, we get evacuated by these rampant fires!