Monday, 18 September 2017

Impious imps.

Our sail down the Rias Baixas this summer had a very special visit for me. I had heard of the town of Marín where there were a huge number of protestant Christians, a very rare occurence in Catholic Spain. We sailed very close to the town and tied up in a marina nearby. As we took a taxi to church that evening, we passed another huge Evangelical Church - right at the top of the pier. What had been going on? After church the pastor told us that the history was that fishermen going to the UK in the early 1880's returned with Bibles (We think from the newly formed Fisherman's Mission in the UK.)
When British missionaries arrived in the town they built a church in Marín and another in Augete where we were moored.
These buildings were at a time when the towns were small villages and it turned out the structures were bigger than the corresponding Catholic Chapels, who had to rebuild and add towers! There is still a high number of evangelicals in the area, well over 10% and a massive turn out even in the holiday season. The pastor kindly drove us back to the boat when to my shame I had the washing still out - and that on a Sunday. Oh pants, how impious.

WECcer weds..

Every time we received a news letter from our friend Orlando it contained a prayer point, please pray for my future wife. As he will be 50 next month we wondered how long we would have to pray this. Well to cut a short story shorter he met her and when she read his facebook profile she said yes. It was a fantastic wedding and he is a very lucky man (to have praying friends!). The WECcers who were able to be present at the celebrations rejoiced with them and danced until 2.30am when Les and I went to bed Orlando and Lupe were still strutting their stuff on the dance floor. Not bad for a 49er.

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Noisy Parkers

Summer has come to town with all the multitudes of Madrileños. Noisy people, shouting at each other and at us, honking horns and parking so that nobody can get in or out of their spaces. This red car was hemmed in before, behind and latterly beside as well. I checked and, yes, you could slide a sheet of paper between him and the wall! We have seen our normal population rise from 10,000 to alomst 30,000 in just over a fortnight. Nothing else for it - we are off to Madrid!!

Friday, 14 July 2017

Indianos 2017

What a weekend! This was the fourth Indianos festival in the town, when they recreate the arrival and re-entry of all the poor workers who left the town to seek wealth in Cuba or Argentina. The parties co-incided with my birthday this year so we made the most of it. The weekend stayed clear until the closing concert when the rain landed in a single plump on the Cuban band. Curiously the dancing audience were under cover and the band were playing under a cloudy sky. Hasty appearance of the sound guy ripping plugs out and throwing tarpaulins over the keyboards etc. Nobody seemed to mind hurrying home to bed, it had been a long weekend!

Monday, 3 July 2017

Ribadeo Readership (poor souls!)

Once you actually translate a book with lots of couthy phrasing you realise how brave these Spanish speakers are in buying a book. One person said "I will read this book even if it takes me til August!" I rather think it won't be any August soon.  A nice launch event though. Those who arrived on time are seen above and the organiser seen here on her phone was texting directions to the rest!

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Mast-er of all he surveys.

Grateful to friends for holding on to Les in his hour of need, getting the gadgets working up the mast, Good job done!