Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Don Justo's big kirk

Don Justo, has been building his Cathedral single handedly for almost 50 years - using only recycled materials. He is now in his 80s and still hopes to finish so has enlisted some volunteers. The council pretend to ignore the breech of planning permission but plan to demolish it when he is no longer here. Tourists love it despite the safety warning. A huge achievement for a young monk who was expelled from his monastry when he got TB in his 20s. Distinctive in his red hat, I wasnt sure if he was plastering that balcony or getting ready to preach. Andrew left and took his halo with him.

Monday, 27 August 2012

Beatles fan beats cake..

Seems to be another rush of 21st Birthdays and weddings coming up - cakes R us and I  promise the basins were clean! In at least one of the two flats that was miraculous!

Worth Proclaiming

Great gig by the Proclaimers, still worth turning out to see them after 25 years I reckon. Last seen Auckland, this time Kirkwall. The lighting crew excelled themselves with constructing a saltire and even a few shots of tartan during the three encores. Only discovered before the gig that the reason they are so familiar is because they both share Jean Leonards face! (Thanks Doris for pointing that out - it all makes sense!)

Friday, 3 August 2012


 Alcala is quite posh - more so last week when we were teaching some English classes as part of a GLO Campaign.
The literature we were posting through folks letterboxes may not have been of Cervantes' standards but we did manage to blag our way into all but one block of flats in our best Spanish.
Here are two shots of the team:
  • 2 English
  • 4 Egyptians
  • 4 Scots
  • 1 Ecuadorian
  • 1 Irish
  • 1 Czech
  • 1 Spanish and 
  • 1 Orcadian 

La-de-dah? Well who knows what sort of accents we have left behind. Don Quixote and Sancho Panzo said nothing.

Half a fish and 8 chips, please

 Sorry this blog is all about food this month as continue our global search for fish and chips. We saw a internet site for Fat Tony's Fish & Chips but when we got there he'd gone. Next we saw a poster (left) and the lady promised they would open in Madrid in September. Finally we tracked down the Bristol Bar and along with all our friends we ordered fish and chips @ 12 euros. Less than a fish between two and half a tattie.
I don't know what the Spaniards thought of our famous foodstuffs but next time I am getting the pan out and they can all have a page from The Orcadian on their laps.