Thursday, 19 July 2012

Eat your greens

Pimientos de Padron - really nimmy peedie fried peppers from Galicia. The rule is some hot, others not. Apparently one in ten will burn your mouth off. After 29 I stopped, having escaped but not wanting to risk my luck.
 Romansku or Caulibroc a beautiful green thing with what looks like millions of tiny trees... too pretty to eat but if you do it means you have had two of your five portions - both cauliflower and brocoli

Friday, 13 July 2012

Meet me in La Coruña..



So it was like a Top Gear challenge really - Les got on board his brother's boat Mariche VI and set off to sail across the Bay of Biscay -  calling out "Meet me in La Coruña - in 3 or 4 days." He and three fellow marineros set of by sea Sunday morning while sister in law Gwen and friend Cameron set off to drive - without any way of checking where the boat was we had to take the long way round.  After a stop in La Rochelle for a birthday dinner and a Pit Stop in Ribadeo for a new front wheel bearing we met the guys Tuesday evening arriving at the restuarant, in time to tell them we had already eaten, we joined them for the final round - pudding! Two great teams!


Great to have been back in Ribadeo - beside the seaside and yet in town - perfect. Roll on next Summer when we hope to move there for a longish time. We enjoyed getting to know the town and meeting people who were friendly and very helpful. Special mention to Sagrit & Alfreddo and to the Citroen Garage! After three nights of special open air meetings, the Evangelical Church of Ribadeo had it's first Sunday Service - how cool is that?