Sunday, 17 August 2014

Appendix 2

Relax - I didn't have a second appendix I just had the wound re-opened - this time in Orkney and what a different experience, God Bless the NHS we say!!  This time despite 6 nationalities around the bed they all spoke English, explained everything, kept the screens closed, wore sterile gloves and were kind. Nobody told me to shut up when I yelped, and nobody came in selling rafle tickets while I was naked. All progress from my last experience.
I probably won't blog any more about this carry on as the wound will now take weeks to heal and you don't want to read about abscesses or pus. Just to say Orkney has fantastic health services, and we are so happy to be home. Mum's home cooking is just what the doctor ordered and he also reccomended Steak, Scallops and Guiness. Not difficult!

(This is an appendix - not a scallop!)

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Appendix 1

Would you believe it? We have both been in hosptal this month, it seems like a never ending revolving door - when, 5 years ago, we got the promise "I will open a door that no man can close" we never expected it would be  hospital door.
Les was sent packing after an attack of pericarditis following on from his Korean chest infection then I got appendicitis which burst, probably in the corridor where I was on the trolley, 9 hours AFTER having being diagnosed. We have come up with the idea of ladies of the blue light variety.
However life goes on without an appendix but I will say this has been he worst experience of my life so far, so I am lookingfor closure... I mean I want them to stitch the wound!!!!!