Sunday, 25 April 2010


Les and Donald went off on Sunday to see V8s race through Hamilton Town Centre where the noise and smell of burnt rubber was pretty intense. The Church had been given free tickets but as most folk go to church on a Sunday the boys got to go there instead. Apparently they did not go and watch the beauty pageants for Miss Holden Babe (Olden Babe more like...) and they blagged their way into the pit lane instead of the more humble lane they should have been in. They even smuggled their sandwiches in so we are surprised they weren't thrown out. If you want to know more ask us for the video when we get back.

Saturday, 17 April 2010

We have seen the light(s)

Day started well as Les & Donald watched the sun rise (we still have jet lag so up at 5!) Then we drove through some forest and saw loads of wild horses with their foals.

Drove along 90 mile beach for a bit and eventually arrived at the top of NZ at Cape Reinga where the Tasmin Sea meets the Pacific Ocean.

(I had a go at straightening it but Donald said stop fussing.) We worked out we were 2679 nautical miles from home as the crow flies. Except he doesn't due to ash....

In the next wee while we passed through mountains, rainforest with 2,000 year old Kauri trees, hick towns, healthy herds of herefords and eventually got to a chip shop. Hurrah!

As we crossed Auckland Harbour Bridge on the way home we clocked 1,200 Km on this trip and it was Donald's first sighting of the Auckland Sky Tower at night It was a good day out and tomorrow the boys are going to see V8 racing in town.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Somewhere over the rainbow..

So as the song says there are blue skies over the rainbow - we have just been up there and it is true! There have also been silver linings to the clouds which took us home for Mum's funeral. It was good to see Andrew and to meet Georgina for th first time. It was also great to see sisters down from Orkney although we didn't get home this time. It was great to meet up with loads of Weccers and especially Martin & Joyce Campbell. Les's Brother and his family gave us a lovely holiday and we brought Donald back with us. The last term begins on Monday when it will be 76 more sleeps til we return!

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Les's Mum

Sorry that we have been quiet this term but the last assignment has gone in and the last book read. Phewee as they say in Stromness. On the last day of the term we had the news that Les's mum had passed away, after a short time in hospital with a chest infection. We knew she was failing but I had spoken to her on Mothers day and she was very chirpy. Both the boys has visited her in the nursing home and she was greatly entertained by Donald's long hair. Andrew was also able to get to see her in hospital the day before she died. We got the last two seats on the plane out of Auckland the next day and arrived in Bridge of Allen on Sunday. The funeral is on Thursday and we look forward to seeing everybody there. We fly back out on Sunday and have been able to get seats on the same plane as Donald so we can ensure he clears immigration. He has had his hair cut in honour of the funeral.