Thursday, 19 November 2015

The wee egg cup

The Lord provides. Full stop. I could regale you with stories this year of places to live, funds appearing from all sources when required and clothes, books, flowers and food being delivered. All that. However at 3 in the morning I saw a provision that just caught my breath and I thought this was the one to share here. 
As we have mentioned we were able to move to a wee house in Stromness in September and have been able to settle there during the last 3 cycles of chemo, living with Donald and being a family. We have lots of things we were ale to take with us from our loft in Finstown so as you saw below we have our very own bed and lots of bits of furniture from family who were having a clearout as well.
During our time in Orkney Auntie Chrisabel passed away and when the family offered us to have a keepsake I asked for her baking tins, mine are in Spain obviously and hers have many happy memories and, as I use her recipes, they fit the quantities. They came in a carrier bag with other random things from her kitchen. The night after I got them I was up on a steroid-induced-midnight-feast rampage of the fridge and opted to have a boiled egg. Yum! However how to eat it without the necessary tools? I had a wee look in the carrier bag and noticed one plastic egg cup. These tiny details tell us more about God´s care and provision for our needs than some of the huge answers to prayer we worry about. Never has an egg tasted so good.