Thursday, 11 February 2016

Dirty detox..

So here we are with some alternative treatments. To be honest there was nothing good or enlightning to say about the Chemo months, hence no photos or posts. The month of January was spent in Aberdeen however having radiotherpay every morning and the rest of the day to experiment with other therapies. Most of them were a bit new-age for my tastes but I did try Aqua Detox. The theory is that salt water conducts a positive and then negative charge from the electric device through your feet. Red blood cells have a negative polarity and after the treatment are less likely to cling together and better blood flow results in improvements, removing the toxins from the chemo. (You can tell I didn't do physics!)
  However the toxins do rather turn the water murky. Better out than in

Radio killed the radio stars.. and rogue cells apparently

Beam me up Scotty! This was my feeling every morning as I lay beneath the radiotherapy machine, while it whirred and buzzed around me. Very clever kit. Installed, I think, by WEC colleague Viv Whitton before he retired. 20 minutes under this every morning and that is you cooked. They treat 100 patients every day in three machines at ARI. Very grateful, even when it hurts.

Boy Sprouts

Christmas day with the boys was like old times, playing with toys, Andrew getting distracted in some deep thought and forgetting to take his turn opening his stocking. Donald getting up to daring do and flying his drone into a loch and later the sea, muddy jeans, then what is this? Exploding sprouts?