Monday, 28 January 2013

Kitchen Angels


Lovely kitchen angels! Not worried by possible infections or Scottish pneumonia virus risks they turn up with all the makings of croquetas and set to work while the invalid sips tonic (with cardamom).  Delicious supper follows and some Spanish Chat gets corrected.  Thanks Mar and Bego - you are the tonic!

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Happy New 'monia

Are we all getting elderly? Pneumonia used to be the scourge of the elderly, or infants but I have heard of 5 middle aged people with it in as many days. (Sorry Cameron, not yet middle aged I know.)

Probably the reason is that Scotland has seen a deep-set virus affecting the lungs with lurgy.  Anyway having it in Madrid has opened my eyes to several differnt styles of doing healthcare. I am not complaining as they have been efficient and helpful but the contrasts are stark!

A few family feasts

Merry Christmas! I know we Christians are always encouraging people to remember the 'Reason for the Season' is the birth of Jesus but so often the food takes centre stage. It is good of course to eat together as family and friends especially with those you only see at certain times.  Here are the meals that sum it all up for us this year.

Les's best bit was cooking at Donald's flat - Granny had donated some Orkney steaks and we reckon the meal cost more than the table and 4 chairs which we picked up in Oxfam that morning. Our new years dinner was incredibly quiet as were in quarantine after Granny got the Norovirus. We managed to eat all the steak pie and trifle tho! Christmas Day was achingly delicious and a delight to see the 5th generation enjoy Mum's Sago Plum Duff. (Grandad's being the 1st!)