Tuesday, 25 November 2014

The other cathedral

You have seen photos of Cathedral beach nearby, but on Saturday we went to visit another cathedral that of MondoƱedo, about 20 minutes away. It should have been quicker but the main road was closed. We have just discovered they close it when the clouds are too low - it is our equivalent of high seas and causeways.
When we arrived in the town it did look a bit murky up there, and the break allowed us to have coffee and visit the catherdral. It turned out we had to wait a wee bit as two new priests were being ordained. Quite a carry on. We didn´t take pictures but if you are interested have a look here:Ordaining new priests.   You can see all the pictures even if the text is in Spanish. Given the huge shortage of priests in this area alone, a class of 2 is not going to go very far. We will go back.

Thursday, 13 November 2014

¡Tela marinera!

When I came out of patchwork class on Tuesday I hurried to catch the fabric shop before she closed. So did 15 other ladies. The queue was out of the shop and round the corner before long so I waited 45 minutes to be told that no, she didn´t have interfacing. (I bought the last yard 12 months ago!!) The phrase "Tela marinera" Which actually means sailcloth or canvas is often used to mean something is hard, difficut or too much effort. For me this queuing business was too much effort, espeially when I had to ask for double sided interfacing with non-stick paper on one side... ¡Tela Marinera!