Sunday, 18 November 2012

Donald turns 21

There have been many times we have thought our Donald would never see 21 with all his antics. Delighted he has and quite impressed with him to be honest. The boy who drove downstairs on a noddy car and knocked out all 7 teeth or danced about with a gerbil impaled into the end of his nose, lost his bank card on day one of his gap year and broke his iphone shortly afterwards seems to have become a model citizen and is regularly given a rifle to run with (but not scissors!)  His sporran is no longer filled with sultanas but money (or immodium to counter the sultanas) he dances with girls rather than gerbils and we are so relieved he is responsible...for himself! Happy 21st Birthday, Donny Lugs!

(Seen here with all 3 variants of the Colquhoun Tartan, and Auntie Ellen!)

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Alpha One.

Actually this isn't a picture of our first Alpha group which was in a larger venue but week 2 or possibly week 3. Jessica proudly shows off her prize, which she won at a previous event with Cameron Stout Big Brother winner 2003. She should have been holding the Alpha DVD box. She is a power house of friendships and now has another three of her friends and neighbours roped into Alpha. Now seeing we have a general strike today we are relocating to her house to watch the next DVD together. Hopefully I can find a shop open to buy the food and some petrol for the car journey.