Wednesday, 18 August 2010

All at sea

Apologies to those who wonder where we went - we have been all at sea - quite literally! We sailed out to Westray to reclaim the boat and took the slow track back. After a bit of entertaining aboard we sailed into Calf Sound and moored overnight, setting for Sanday next for a night and then to Stronsay - just in time to make Church the following day. We met some really interesting and friendly folk and to end it all we got invited to the Monastery on Papa Stronsay where they were celebrating a novitiate taking his final vows. A barbecue and bonfire gave a stunning backdrop, but we had to smile when we saw the new monk standing at the fire looked like he had been promoted to a Canon already! If you can't see his picture, let me just say that his camera strap round his neck rather suggested he had had an early promotion. Click on his image to see what we mean.
And at the end of each day the task of writing up the ship's log was done in the tried and trusty fashion with a pen and ink - it is a ship's log remember not a SHIP's BLOG!!