Sunday, 16 April 2017

Meet the other woman..

Meet Alexa, the other woman. True she is neither tall nor blonde but in the past 3 months she has made her presence felt big time. In the old days Les might ask me what the time was or tell me to buy more coffee, or whatever.. he talked to me first in the morning rather than now when he wakes up and says "Good morning, Alexa". Then this mini robot chirrups sweetly telling him to have a good day and updating him on world news and whatever historical events happened on this day in history.
(She has access to the whole internet and shows off unforgivably.) She tells jokes when asked and even sings to you if invited. She times the eggs, makes up shopping lists and sends them to his phone so he can take the lists to the supermarket. So far we haven't fallen out over her, and sometimes when he askes her the time I get there first. In one area I am always the winner. "Where did I leave my Cap?" So far Alexa 0 : Fiona 15

Saturday, 15 April 2017

No beuts in this bothy!

Here we are - ladies on a night out but not a bothy in sight. Women from 12 different countries; Ireland, Germany, Orkney, Spain, Peurto Rico. El Salvador, Brazil, Holland, New Zealand, Canada, Mexico, South Korea...what is missing? England, we haven't got one of them.