Sunday, 19 May 2013

Final Fiesta..

The last tango in Madrid... Tango Naranja Zero as it  happened! A lovely send off with many cultures, songs and a cross between strip the willow, Irish line dancing and sevillanos, danced beautifully by two people who had just met!!


A perfect day.


Oh what a perfect day, a song for today.. two days away from the boxes and packing for time spent with good frieds seeing a Bodega and enjoying the peace of Castilla y La Mancha. Great music, food, dancing (but not me),  impromptu singing and a sunset with friends. What a perfect day.

Ramp-it-up 2-3-4!

Phone- a -friend - in this case he turns out to be hiding whilst taking a picture of the damsel in distress. Good job the dog was keeping me company. Spraining an ankle was not smart, not when you have to pack up your whole life and clean the windows as well. Thankfully the landlady was more than kind and gave us back our full deposit and also a tube of special gel for swollen ankles, nice! Also be impressed by that ramp!!!

Monday, 13 May 2013

Las Haciendas

Had a hacienda week... 3 haciendas in fact... here I was visiting a bar to have breakfast with my ladies, totally missing the joke. It is called the hacienda and is located next door to the official hacienda i.e. the Tax Office. Like the wife who bemoans to her husband who is late home " Where have you been???" Obviouly he can answer truthfully "At The Hacienda." End of row. So after 4 visits to the tax office we got our piece of paper but of course that wasn't enough and we had to pay an official person to prove we don't need to pay any tax. Grrrr! The 3rd Hacienda was a genuine hacienda - a place of good food out in the country - a tasty snack on our way to Ribadeo.