Friday, 1 May 2015

Like it or lump it.

We have been a bit quiet on here about health matters as you heard enough last year on the operational front to last for quite some time.. but again surgery is required and so to make a complete record of this journey we report the bad as well as the good. Fiona found a lump which was cancerous and this week we went to Aberdeen and had it removed. Excellent surgeon and team in a nice clean hospital, such a different experience to last year, and home the day afterwards. Those who saw this photo on facebook asked what the scribbles say. Apparently it is now the procedure to mark the skin 3 times and have it checked to avoid any errors. So Wide Local Excision (the lump plus a bit of healthy tissue) and Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy where they remove the nearest lymph nodes to check if any cancer cells have spread. We won´t know until another 3 weeks when they get the pathology reports back what the next steps are. I will have to have radiotherapy treatment for sure but if there has been any spread I might have to have chemo first. Now you know as much as me but I won´t be back in Spain for at least 2 months.

Open doors

Don´t know how you feel about playing cards, we don´t either! However when we had an open doors day at the new church premises one of our locals tried to teach us how to play cards. essentially they are the same as regular cards except the names, shapes and rules are different. Got that? Us neither.