Thursday, 20 June 2013

It's not a piece of cake!


Every wedding cake I do I say it will be the last. Well here is the very last - honestly! This one had lots of help from Mag, mother of the groom who baked the bottom tiers and Frank the flower man. Also the florist who gave me the gypsophlia so I could copy it, and John Lewis who sent a courier with 2 meters of ribbon arriving the day before the wedding! Result.

Everything's better when wet!

That is us back in the water after three years ashore. Feels so good to be back on the boat with everything more or less working. We have had an amazing 3 weeks sandpapering, painting and varnishing. Dry days and even sun when required, especially nice when seen dipping down over the boats behind... if you get my drift!

Sunday, 9 June 2013

International security?

Well here is a tip for all you would be terrorists... travel in a wheelchair! Sure I got body frisked but my bag passed through all the scanners and needles, scissors (super sharp points) and tweezers seemed to trouble no one. I was really well looked after, however when the attendant asked me to sign a customer satisfaction form (in Spanish) I read it and realised he had even graded his performance for me to sign.. you guessed it ..he was apparently excellente!