Thursday, 31 March 2016

If life gives you lemons..

Big mistake in our most recent flit was to dump all empty glass jars. OK the satisfying crashes as I hurled them into recycling was worth it but later that evening our dear friend Pako turned up at 10.30pm to deliver a crate of oranges. And enough lemons to make 20 jars of marmalade. Didn´t see that one coming obviously! PS It tasted fine, being in plastic tubs never hurt it en route to conference.

A life without luggage.

What are your dreams, ambitions, plans?  I can no longer dream of retiring having already been awarded my pension but at the moment I dream of a life without luggage.That might sound odd for a person who has over 12 suitcases, scattered round the world but, as to using them, I have had enough.

For today all dreams on foreign destinations are gone. I just want to know where my socks are and keep them there. I want to wake up and recognise my bedside table, know where the loo is etc..

My travel journal of 1000 places to visit before you die has 75 entries covered. This is enough. (Remind me please when I tell you I quite fancy Botswana.) While I am moaning here, can I also point out that this is my last housemove in Spain. I have to record this here in case I am ever tempted, evicted or bombed out to set up elsewhere. This really is enough. "Taxi for Cowan!"