Tuesday, 27 January 2015


OK, so we are not the Village People really but there are similarities and we all live in the village! We though the young men´s painting association about covered it. It certainly covered the walls of our new church premises, at least twice! Honestly not sure why Les was in a pair of flip flops but there you go - at least he wasn´t in an indian headress!


At last we are contracted workers! It has been 10 years since I worked to a contract and even longer for Les (15 years at least!) At the weekend we signed up with Buenas Noticias Chuch in Lugo over 100km away but to work with them at planting a church here in Ribadeo. Those sharp eyed of you will notice the books about CT Studd and Operation World on the bookshelves. Nice! (Should point out that the contract doesn´t have a bottom line, there is no salary involved!)


Our poor Christmas tree angel. She has seen 34 years of active service and no wonder she looks exhausted. Balanced up there every year with boys fighting over the parcels below, her robes tattered and her bodice crumpled... she has presided over 6 dwellings and for most of her time has slept in a box in a damp attic. This year Donald dressed the tree and did a fab job. Next year?
We all felt the better of a Christmas together, four of us and the Angel.