Saturday, 6 December 2014

Stick, stones and ...stairs!

All of the above are apparently liable to break your bones. In our experience the last of the three is more likely.
I have been called a few nicknames in my time but here I have been called "Eficaz" meaning teachers pet, "Gallina" meaning chicken as in cowardly although literally hen. Yesterday a German woman called me "Repunante" which is bad enough meaning in Asturiano a person who is fussy and complains although I mis-heard her and thought she was calling me "Repugnante" being of course repugnant and disgusting. No bones broken theré though. On the way home an old man shouted something else at me in Gallego so I nipped into the tourist office to aske what it was. Relief! I was delighted to learn he thought I was young and cute. So sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me, and some may even cheer you up!
Stairs however will break your bones and give you massive bruises on the beam end. Les is nursing a broken rib after flying down ours at a fair old lick, slightly slower than his laptop which reached the downstairs before him and amazingly still works. Unlike it´s owner. Thankfully it is a long weekend off but I don´t think he is going anywhere soon.