Thursday, 28 July 2011

Town and Country


Les thought the sharp eyed among you would like the church sign next to the local church which appears to be offering beer in the bar corner... well fair enough - we are able to have a cerveza most afternoons when we meet the adults who want to learn better English - so far we have 8 coming along which is great.

Then after we have finished we head home about 55km along a deserted road - at first we saw the sunset on the way back but each night it gets later - last night it was star gazing after the open air service. Tonight the film show starts at 10pm (if we are lucky) and the young people are having an astronomy class on the way home .. hopefully we will get back in time for breakfast on the last day - tomorrow. So far so good the police have watched us but so far not tried to stop us. PTL

Saturday, 23 July 2011

A GLO in Soria

We are in Soria for a week as part of a GLO team (Gospel Literature Outreach) working with a local church as they reach two villages nearby where an evangelical witness is less than welcome.

There are plenty of youngsters so we hope we will get the easy jobs as befits our elderly status - oh no! That was the Korean teams I was thinking about. We plan English language classes and two Christian film shows. What fun!

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Starting to plant?

I know it is not the time of year to plant but the WEC team based in Madrid are thinking it may be time for a bit of cultivation and sowing at least! 10 of us met last night to walk round our barrio and see what God had to say about Santa Eugenia. We meet again in a fortnight so please pray for us that we don't attempt anything just because it seems like a good idea. However 65,000 folk without a protestant church to attend doesn't seem right does it? Meet the team...  hopefully more news later!

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Road trip home

Same old, same old Scotland or Spain

Friday, 15 July 2011

Things you may have missed..

Sorry guys, it has been a bit frantic over the past 5000 kilometres - a few highlights..
Birthday Party
Guide and Broom at Beach Wedding

Cuddle from Emilie Fiona
Good to visit many friends - albeit briefly, some appeared to have grown (Emilie) learned new things (Emilie) and some had perhaps shrunk (Sarah) and forgotten things (can't remember who this was..) It was lovely to get cuddles rather than the double kiss of Espana and a final 50th Birthday party made sure we all had a good laugh and a bouquet of asparagus.

I also sampled the barristic skills of Andrew, Donald, Sarah & David Scott as they presided over coffee machine in Edinburgh Kirkwall and Stromness - the winner was in one of the Kirkwall locations. 
Groomsmen while kilts still on
Then it was off to an idyllic weding on Iona to celebrate Amanda and Gerry's wedding. We were able to catch up withfriends last seen 25 years ago and sit in the sun on the beach and toast their happiness with champagne, eating venison, langoustines and other favourite things. At some point the dancing stopped and the couple rowed off to a getaway schooner - last seen headed for Tiree!
Les with some wedding ladies outside Iona Abbey
The couple board the romantic getaway vessel.

Saturday, 2 July 2011

One down - one to go...

This is the first one sorted & qualified. His final degree was an MA (Hons) in Philosophy and English Literature. One of the benefits of the C initial is you get to be first in your class!! We had a very happy day in Edinburgh watching him graduate, watching him eat his dinner then getting the ripped jeans back on to move out of his flat - more vinyl than I have seen since the seventies. Tomorrow he heads for London - wonder which box his degree got packed in..?