Monday, 29 August 2011

Where is Wally?

There he was, waiting for the sea to come in and fill the salt water swimming pool in Bayon..when he took off the stripey jumper and went for it. What a wally! Do you see him, do you?

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Gadding about in Galicia

 In Galicia
Les was more than happy to see:

The Sea
His pen pal Jose de Jorge
His pen pal's boat
His pen pal's plotter
All the other "gadgees"
Meanwhile Fiona was happy to see
The Valoria -
Boat belonging to Amancio Ortega, (founder of Zara and the tenth richest man in the world.)
However as it hasn't a mast, she is no longer interested.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Never a dull moment

Tonight we nipped into town partly to buy baby presents, but also to see how the Red Box team of Kilometro Zero were getting on doing open air preaching amidst thousands of Catholic youth, here for the World Youth Day and the Pope's visit tomorrow. We never found our friends on the Red Box because just at their usual start time a crowd of about 5,000 protestors marched onto the square calling out their protests about the government's spending of public funds on a religious event. One example has been cheap fares on the Metro for 1 million delegates the week after our normal fares have gone up 50%!

Mass gatherings meet

Christ has risen, Hallelujah!
- can't argue with that

Vatican? We have a problem!


Dancing Nuns on the run.

The protestors appeared a bit wrongfooted to see how many Catholic pilgrims were in the square already and for about half an hour it was not possible for them to move. There had been praise songs and dancing nuns pretty much filling the square until their arrival. The only bloodshed we heard of was a punch on the nose (landed by a Catholic we have to say). After we left the police moved in, needing to establish security for tomorrow. 

We don't wish to offend our Catholic friends, but we have had enough excitement for this week and we won't be among the crowds tomorrow to welcome the Papa.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Not a Ferrero Rocher in sight.

Went to the Embassy this week, floor 38 in a huge space tower. Not a single chocolate was in sight and no excitement apart from seeing the window cleaners appear in a wee basket (not a coke advert either ladies!) We had our camera taken off us before we were allowed in so you will have to rely on photos from the outside. Could they help us with our questions? Nice lady in twinset and pearls said "Just one moment until I fetch my colleague." returned after 5 minutes to say she was sorry counter service had been suspended and handed us a sheet of FAQs. I expect the most frequently asked question now is "Why?"

An open door in Spain?

We have had several verses about open doors recently and wonder where the first one will appear, even the one which is open in these snaps from last week is heavily guarded..

Monday, 8 August 2011

The first 30 years ....

The first 30 years are the hardest, then your memory goes and it is easier to forgive...  this may be true.. I forget who said it! 

 We are planning a peacful day as there is no-one to celebrate with except each other and as all the cards are in Spanish it is a bit tricky knowing what to buy without blushing at the till. (Don't ask)
However we got a special offer from a phone top-up so we are off to spend a night in a Notland Castle look alike - we really hope they have the roof fixed!

I know some friends laughed at us in Westray for going to the church is an old hackney cab, it being Westray's only car for hire.. but look at this  - it is now state of the art church transport for Weddings in Spain. Sure it took them 30 years to catch on but it makes us feel like trendsetters all the same.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

1000 places to sleep before you die...

I was given the journal 1000 places to see before you die and had a quick count - I have seen about 65 of them already (If you live to 100 that is 10 a year so I am ahead of the batting average!) It made me have a quick count of beds I have slept in during the past 2 years currently the total since July 2009 is 61 (all different and not counting repeat visits). Let me show you number 57  - as in 57 varieties like Heinz. It was in the Farmhouse of our dear friends Mo and David Patrick - it sleeps 13 and has every comfort and a piano so if you plan a gathering in Yorkshire book it now! The ponies are included!